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At Acer India, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that we do business in such a manner that it enriches our environment and planet.

That’s why we make sure that we deliver innovative and eco friendly electronic products to our consumers. We are committed to product stewardship through the life cycle of our electronics, and ensure compliance with e-waste rules in India.

Consequences of Improper E-Waste Handling & Recycling
E-waste when disposed off or recycled improperly, can cause severe environmental pollution and adversely affect the human body as they contain excess of toxic chemicals like mercury, polybrominated flame retardants, barium, lithium and PVC. The common process of burning of e-waste in informal e-waste recycling and disposal facilities releases toxic gases into the atmosphere, causing severe air pollution. Besides that, poor recycling and improper disposal of e-waste leads to a lot of pollutants such as heavy metals like cadmium, lead and persistent organic pollutants to be released into the atmosphere, which further pollutes the eco-system and causes health hazards.

Alternately the practice of dumping of e-waste into landfills as followed by the informal e-waste recycling and disposal facilities eventually makes the hazardous and toxic components of e-waste seep into the eco-system including the regional water tables, causing soil pollution and contaminating the water table. Such contamination will affect nearby communities in an adverse manner for much longer time.

India E-Waste Management and Handling Rules 2011
According to the new India E-Waste Management and Handling Rules 2011, the manufacturer of electronics goods is responsible for setting up a collection centre or a take back facility for e-waste disposal. The manufacturer is responsible for collection of e-waste generated from their end of life products in line with the principle of ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ and ensuring that such e-wastes are channelized to registered dismantler or recycler. Service is being offered free.

These e-waste rules apply to electronic and electrical equipment, along with their consumables and components available in the Indian market. These rules also apply to the consumables and components that are part of or included in the electronic product at the time of discarding. Some of the electronics and electrical products which come under the purview of the e-waste rules include mobile phones, computers, laptops, television sets, ACs and other home appliances.

Our Electronics Take Back & Recycling Program
As an environmentally responsible organization and being committed to ensuring compliance with the new India E-Waste Management and Handling Rules 2011, we have partnered directly with Attero, India’s leading electronic asset management company, recognized by NASA as one of the top 9 innovators in Waste Management. This service includes sub components like Battery and Adapter.

Attero - As part of this partnership with Attero, the company will provide e-waste drop off centres and ensure environmentally sound management of electronics that have reached their end of life phase. Attero has obtained all the necessary authorizations from the appropriate governmental agencies for their processing facilities. Attero ensures proper recycling and disposal of e-waste, and does not incinerate, send e-waste to landfill or export hazardous e-waste to other countries. This helps us protect the environment from any hazardous consequences, which would be otherwise caused by the inappropriate waste management of e-waste.
Powered by Attero’s 360 degree reverse logistics and pan-India presence, we ensure a highly efficient take back and recycling program, thereby helping avoid potential negative consequences for human health and the environment.

  • Collection Centres: Attero has a number of e-waste collection centres spread out across India. Consumers can identify collection centres closest to their location by clicking here.
  • E-Waste Helpdesk: In case of any queries regarding the proper disposal and/or recycling of electronics, consumers can contact the helpdesk at:
  • Toll Free Number - 1800-419-3283
  • Email - support@atterobay.com


Instructions of handling the product during and after its use and Do’s and Don’ts with respect to handling the product;
Do’s and Don’ts for disposal of E-Waste;






  1. Always look for information on the catalogue with your product for end-of-life equipment handling.
  2. Ensure that only Authorized Recyclers repair and handle your electronic products
  3. Always call Local E-waste Authorized Collection Centers to Dispose products that have reached end-of life
  4. Always drop your used electronic products, batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-Waste Collection Center.
  5. Wherever possible or as instructed, separate the packaging material according to responsible waste disposal options and sorting for recycling.
  6. Always disconnect the battery from product, and ensure any glass surface is protected against breakage.



  1. Do not dismantle your electronic Products on your own
  2. Do not throw electronics in bins having “Do not Dispose” sign.
  3. Do not give e-waste to informal and unorganized sectors like Local Scrap Dealer/ Rag Pickers.
  4. Do not dispose your product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimately reaches landfills.

Accidental Breakage/Damage of Electronics & E-Waste

Accidental breakage and damage of electronics and e-waste can pose a threat to the environment. As long as the toxic components in electronics are enclosed within the original manufacturer’s designed outer-shell of the gadget, they don’t pose much of a danger as they have been engineered to contain any such effects. However, accidental breakage or damage of such electronics or e-waste can lead toxic elements leaking and contaminating their immediate environment. Damage to the environment due to accidental breakage of e-waste is a major concern in informal e-waste disposal and recycling facilities, so consumers need to ensure that they dispose their e-waste only at authorized recycling centres.

Information of product disposal after its use, to prevent improper recycling;
Before electronic product becomes waste it is necessary to evaluate its further usability in line with the 3R principle. If appropriately refurbished and repaired, electronics can be reused and serve economically poor regions of the world before it reaches its end of life for final recycling.

A major segment of e-waste is handled by informal and unorganized sectors, which are primarily trading in illegal markets of e-waste management, offering little or no protection to the people it employs or have little concern for its surrounding environment. It often employs children under age children exposed to all hazards.

When disposed off in normal landfills, all toxic chemicals from the e-waste eventually seep into the ground. For people living in the vicinity of these landfills, it could mean permanent health damage. If at all required, E- Waste can only be disposed off in specially designed landfills that are costly to construct and maintain.

To prevent improper recycling, e-waste should be handled only by authorized end to end recyclers rather than dumping in the landfills.


How to Request Product Pick Up from Your Home?

Please follow these instructions when requesting Pick Up for your end of life electronic item:

  • Pack the electronics item in packaging (corrugated box & appropriate cushioning) suitable for transportation. Basically, it should be packed in a manner such that the device doesn’t get damaged while being transported.
  • Print the address of the collection centre in your state from the list mentioned above, on a piece of paper and attach/paste it securely to the package.
  • Click here to download the Performance Invoice/Declaration and get a printout. Now fill in the details in the Performa Invoice/Declaration.
  • Call up our Toll Free No. at 1800-419-3283 and provide your details to our representative to Request for Product Pickup.


  • Visit http://attero.in and Request for Product Pickup by filling in the necessary details.

How to Drop Off Products at Our Collection Centre?

Here are the steps you need to follow when dropping off your electronics item at our Collection Centre:

  • Pack the electronics item in light packaging, so that the device is secured inside safely.


  • Identify the Collection Centre in your state from the list mentioned above.
  • Take the packaged product to the Collection Centre.


  • At the Collection Centre, you will be provided with a form. Please fill in the necessary details.
  • Now submit the product package along with the filled up form at the Collection Centre.


 That’s it! You’re done!!

Be a Responsible User. Recycle your E-Waste for a Greener Planet.